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        DELTA SECURITY MANAGEMENT (PVT) LTD had been incorporated and registered with the Registrar Joint Stock

          Companies under Companies Act XLVII of 1948, on June 29th, 1989 and is honoured to be among the pioneers of

          private security business in Pakistan. DELTA is being run and managed by the professionals consisting of retired

          senior officers from armed forces having vast experience in safety, security, risk management, counter terrorism and

          protection. The field staff employed is medically fit, educated, trained and mostly belonging to the cadre of

          exarmed forces. They are also put to short but extensive refresher courses in APSAA Training School and on-job

          training in, anti-terrorist, anti-kidnapping, anti-sabotage, evasive driving and other security related subjects. The

          main office is located at, A-4, 4th Floor, Carlton Court Building # 52, Phase II Ext, D.H.A, Korangi Rd, Karachi,

          Pakistan, having appropriate infra structure in shape of large office space, vehicles, telephones/Fax including space

          for weapons training. Elaborate wireless network and latest indigenous security equipment along with sufficient

          weapons are being used for providing security services all over the country to, a large number of our valued clients.

          The regional offices are located at Lahore, Multan, Rawalpindi, Peshawar and Quetta. The services being provided

          by DELTA are:-


  • Provision of security guards for offices, commercial/industrial units, hotels, private residences and host of           other places.

  • Provision of mobile escort/body guards for safety of men and material.

  • Provision of executive protection.

  • Provision of mobile rapid deployment force (RFD) for crises management or emergency.

  • Installation and regular maintenance of electronic security and alarm systems including CCTV cameras               backed up with response force.

  • Safe transportation of valuables including cash.

  • Consultancy in safety and security matters including formulation of risk management plans.

  • Security surveys, Due Diligence, back ground checks, employees’ verification, screening and corporate investigations.

  • Organize comprehensive training courses in all disciplines of safety, security and risk management                   including evasive driving and fire fighting for employees of various business houses and organizations


          To accomplish the above tasks and provide reliable services, extreme care has been taken by the company in

          evolving a procedure for selection of men and their training. Apart from the expertise available from within the

          country, DELTA has also benefited from the expertise of top international security consultants, actively involved in

          safety, protection and security arrangements for leading government figures as well as other important personalities.


          At DELTA, we are never satisfied with our standard of services and have insatiable urge to improve it. Our clientele

           includes a vast variety, including national/multinational business houses, banks, shopping malls, recreational areas,

          educational institute, expeditions sports arenas, residential areas, individuals and host of others. We are proud to

          have a clean and unblemished track record and ever since its incorporation or commencement of business, DELTA

          has never been ticked off for any wrong doing either by any government agency or client. As a matter of fact we say

          with honour, that, our men have shown exceptional presence of mind and courage on many occasions to foil

          various attempts on our clients' lives and properties by the anti social elements. We are proud and honoured to say

          that we had the singular distinction in Pakistan to provide venue security for the 6th World Cricket Cup, including the


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